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Salem Sports & Rehab Patient Testimonials

Sarah and Allison are very caring and professional- They both were very pleasant and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this facility and would come back if other treatment is required.

What impressed me most about my therapy here was how well the therapist listened...and how she responded to what she heard

I saw Todd mostly, he was great! He knew I was eager to get back to work and took the time to make sure I got back ASAP.

Always tailored specifically to me, very comfortable staff, always welcoming.

Nice atmosphere. Therapists are friendly and knowledgeable. Alyssa was patient, calm and had a pleasant demeanor.

I felt very comfortable coming in to each therapy appointment and I was never afraid to ask questions and explain how I was feeling. I learned exercises that I can do at home and I can carry them on after I finish here. Everyone was great!

I learned more about my condition through the therapists. Their suggestions were very helpful in helping me adapt in ways that improved daily use of my knee. - Carol

Professional, always on time, Jen taught me the exercises step by step and always explained how they would help. She answered each question I had. [Front desk-]Keep doing what you are-I never dreaded my appointments and I thought I would.

Sarah is amazing! If it weren't for her I'm not sure where I'd be.

Chose this office because I was unhappy at previous offices I attended for other injuries. I would recommend S&R to anyone. Felt very comfortable.

Jen is very patient, personable and most knowledgeable. She shared her knowledge readily, kept me focused and relaxed. Great attribute when one doesn't know what to expect at first.

I am very appreciative of all the therapists. Their treatment and knowledge helped me to better understand how to apply certain exercises into my daily routine, which resulted in a big improvement in my foot.

All staff were very knowledgeable and were on the same page throughout my visits. I felt comfortable and cared for!